Trixon participated the OFC exhibition in March of 2017

The United States Optical Fiber Communications Exhibition and Conference (OFC) has been held in Los Anegeles Convention Center, Calfornia, USA on March 2017 19-23th. In order to expand the oversea market, Trixon participated the OFC exhibition.
Our Booth Number: 1339
Contact: Harry Xie
Phone: (86)18615777025
Welcome to visit us in Los Angeles!


On March 19~23th, 2017, under the organization of the Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Association, our company participated in the 2017 OPC exhibition held in Losangeles, USA. The exhibition has a long history and great reputation in the Communications Industry, so that it attracts many famous companies’ visiting every year, including the Communications Equipment Industry giant HUAWEI, CISCO and so on.

This is the first step for Trixon to go abroad and expand overseas market. The transition is deeply significant from the focus on the domestic market to the initiative to overseas development.

Before the exhibition, through several meetings, our company finally have confirmed the main products of the exhibition, 100G high-rate products which represent the development trend of the industry. We have made elaborate preparations from product selection, picture and text description. And we also have invited professionals to design our booth. On the one hand, our booth highlights the company's products; on the other hand, it displays the company's image and brand.


Before the exhibition, we notified our overseas customers, especially in North and South America and sincerely invited them to visit our booth. During March 21st---23rd, there were majority customers from USA, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Mexico and other countries visiting our booth, and we had a thorough discussion on industry development trends, product performance, and later cooperation and etc.

Well known American companies such as CISCO, Intel and Alcatel have also come to visit our booth. We have agreed to send samples to Alcatel for testing and once the testing passed, they would place an order. Here are some pictures of customers visiting our company.

This exhibition brings great benefits to our company. For one thing, it expands overseas market, for another thing it improves our company's brand development and industry awareness. Besides, shortly after returning to China, Israel customer placed a sample order for our 100G high rate products. If the testing is successful, we are expected to have millions of other orders. Regarding the other customers, we also have continuous contact and communication with each other. 

Post time: Mar-25-2017